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Coca Cola Sapphires

A unique sapphire from Madagascar.

Coca Cola sapphires

The name Coca-Cola has been invented by locals and used by traders as a description of its colour. We have also heard the names whisky og cognac being used to describe the caramel hues of the stones and our guess is that these terms are used to make them sound more exclusive.

We prefer the name Coca-Cola, as it’s amusing and everyone knows what colour we are referring to. Again, the stones are spectacular and don’t need a fancy name to underline that.


Coca Cola sapphire
WL stone@office11 11 2010372

This is a classic intense coca cola that has similarities to padparadscha sapphires

The colours are orangey, brownish with a pinkish tint. While each stone typically has one dominating shade they all have additional tones incorporated, adding complexity to the gem.
On top of this complexity in colour, they are also colour shifting depending on the lightsource.
In incandescent light they tend to be more orangey or pink, while the softer light browns are more present in daylight conditions.

Coca-Cola sapphires always remind us that every natural unheated sapphire is truly unique.

WL stone@office11 11 2010401

Slightly light brownish variation with a stronger pinkish tone in indoor light

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