Sapphire cutting

W–L Quarterly

 – October 2022 issue

Sunrise Facets

“On the 2nd of January 2022, Wennick–Lefèvre opened the new lapidary, Sunrise Facets, in Sri Lanka in partnership with our dear friend of 15 years, Nilanthi Thiresa. Together we’re building a cutting factory based on the values of equality, respect and a healthy life/work balance. Nilanthi is now the first woman in Sri Lanka to own and run a cutting factory...”

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Coca Cola sapphires

“The name Coca-Cola has been invented by locals and used by traders as a description of its colour. We have also heard the names whisky og cognac being used to describe the caramel hues of the stones and our guess is that these terms are used to make them sound more exclusive. We prefer the name Coca-Cola, as it’s amusing and everyone knows what colour we are referring to...”

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Power to the people

“The recent economic collapse in Sri Lanka has had profound negative effects on the resources that are available to the public. Due to the increasing prices and lack of gasoline, the current government has had to schedule planned power cuts throughout the island. In Kuruwita those power cuts are in place from 9am to 7pm. This used to make working a challenge for the Sunrise Facets team as they need power for the cutting machines. Through our partnership we found a solution”

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